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Episode 1 “Youse Guys”

February 3rd, 2010 · 10 Comments · Episodes

Men actually talk. Not always about sports or politics, but about the more important things in life. Michael Rakosi and his buddies talk about the family, how handkerchiefs symbolize class stature in society, and what men should know in their lives. Think differently about what talk shows hold dear, this is the YouTube series and sensation “That Show With Michael Rakosi”; real talk with real men.

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  • Ken Davis


    Wonderful! it’s about time “Men Talked”



  • Jon

    You did a really great job producing this show.

  • David Sommers

    Waiting for next episode – where is it?

  • Laurel Klick

    This is one of the few times that men spoke and I listened. Content and production value are great. A breath of fresh air in a media landscape filled with contrived emotions.

  • Joe Geha

    Just saw the first two episodes — both knockouts! The show is absolutely outstanding!

  • Ann Jones

    I really didn’t want the episodes to end. Like a good book, a great movie, you wish you hadn’t seen it so you would see it again for the first time.

  • Sassy

    Second episode was so emotional. Tommy Gallagher rocks! Can’t wait for more. This show should be on cable television .

  • Joe Rein

    Heartbreaking to see one of my dearest friends, boxing trainer Tommy Gallagher, trying to keep-it-together, revealing something I NEVER knew about; ‘an we’ve remained close since having an amateur boxing team in the ’70s.

  • Bruce Manka

    I hope that I hear about Mike’s tails of death on a later show. Seriously, how transparent (and brave) those two men were. what an insight into their souls!

  • 泳鏡

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