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Episode 5 “Mano a Mano”

April 1st, 2010 · 11 Comments · Episodes

What is manhood? In episode five, “Mano a Mano” the online talk show “That Show With Michael Rakosi” the men deal with their careers, their past denials and how they push forward even through all their hardship. They talk about relationships, friendships, and members butt heads and start heating up the conversation in this episode. The members start to reveal their true intentions and start to speak up in the YouTube sensation and webisode series “That Show With Michael Rakosi”; real talk with real men.

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  • Ted Nussbaum

    I found “Mano a Mano” to be laugh out loud hysterical. I thought that Tommy’s “analysis” was his earnest attempt to be helpful, and he was gently turned away by the reluctant “patient” in a sly and witty way. Is it possible that Tommy was the patient, and the other guy was the shrink?

  • Bill Tannen

    Rakosi finally dressed well and looked like a “Host”! There appears to be a new guest and he was never introduced…but he never said anything so?
    Good show between the stand up and the “liar”. Good energy. Does Tommy ever want to “understand” rejection?

  • Jerry Sullivan

    This episode was the best so far! I am very familiar with rejection in showbiz and the dialog between Tommy and DF was fantastic! A very real heartfelt scene! I can’t wait for episode six!

  • Owen Williams

    How is it that men have this need to talk over each other and ‘fix’ each other? I loved the initial question about how men deal with the stress of their jobs. Was that too vulnerable a question for men to answer? I want to know what these men actually do to cope.

  • Tommy Gallagher

    In response to the question about rejection:

    You try not to allow yourself to be affected by rejection because there are so many mean “f ***ing” people out in the world. It’s obvious that you need to control your reaction to rejection or you cannot survive in this world. Rejection is a very hurtful thing. You have to keep your chin up and punch them in the “f***ing” face.

  • David Sommers

    Maybe the take home message is that this terrific group of guys will be back for future episodes despite the fact that we now know there is lying, off topic talk and rejection of help among them? Perfect depiction of “manhood” and perfect blend of humor and pathos. Thank you – don’t want the episodes to end!

  • Joe Geha

    Hilarious! More!

  • Bobby

    If you can’t accept rejection then become an expert in a profession or occupation and earn the total respect from your peers, co-workers and superiors.
    One doesn’t have to punch someone in the f***ing face to earn respect. Just be better than the next person to be sought after!

  • Christopher Borg

    Yeah, that mysterious new guest is probably me. I was WAY too shy at first. I really was having a great time observing the other guys and their interaction, taking it all in. I think I was intimidated being the youngest on the panel. I am SO MUCH YOUNGER than those poor old guys. All joking aside- I am featured in later episodes more specifically. Keep watching.

  • Sassy

    Loved this episode. Give Gallagher an Emmy! His new name is “Tommy Hollywood”!

  • girokonto kostenlos

    I love browsing your website because you can always get us new and awesome stuff, I feel that I must at least say thanks for your hard work.

    – Rob

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