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Episode 6 “Down and Up”

April 15th, 2010 · 13 Comments · Episodes

What inspires you and shapes you into the person you are and what you will be? In episode six of the YouTube sensation and webisode series “That Show with Michael Rakosi”, the men share extraordinary stories that shaped their lives forever.

Get inspired with the online talk show “That Show With Michael Rakosi”, real talk with real men.

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  • David Sommers

    Thank you Emanuel.

  • DylanBrody

    Another good episode, man. Where’re you pitching this thing? Are you looking to keep it webisodically short or do you have a plan to extend these to 30 (24) or sixy (48) minutes?

  • Elissa Hyman

    Episode 6 was so touching , inspiring and my favorite thus far!

  • Bill Tannen

    Interesting man. Finally.

  • Elizabeth Lilien

    I have watched all six episodes. Each one is better
    then the one before. Keep them coming. Men sitting around discussing pertinent subjects is what Michael Ragosi is accomplishing with this program and it is a rare accomplishment. In appreciation, Elizabeth

  • Ted Nussbaum

    You are onto something important. Thoughtful people reflecting on the meaning of their life experiences with such candor is really unique. There is nothing like it out there.

  • viqui Maggio

    I am showing this episode (6) to my son when he gets home from school. He will be 13 in a month. I think it is important for him to see. You met him when you were filming your comedy act. He was allowed to watch, but was not allowed to be filmed because he was under age for the bar.

  • cynthiaaltoriso

    damn !!!!
    I just shared, from the heart, and hit the wrong button and my comment ‘disappeared’ !!!!
    or, maybe it didn’t, maybe you got it.
    And, if you did, I would like to finish up by saying that Emmanuel Solomon did not disappoint.
    His talk of his childhood and his brother’s heart-to-heart on the death of their parents was poignant, brief and to the point.
    We get the important message. This msg should be played to all kids.
    Finally…I’m looking dorward to the next show, with Christopher Borg as they will touch on homosexuality.
    I was sorry to see that their back in the studio !

  • Jerry Sullivan

    Avery heartfelt episode! I lost two friends that day. One in the tower who worked for CF and one who was on the plane that hit the pentagon. Another fine episode!

  • Lynn Summers

    Simply fantastic! I have been so moved by how these intelligent, thoughtful and engaging men have opened up about their lives and their feelings. They speak from the heart, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I can’t wait for the next episode. What can we do to help bring this to the wider audience it deserves?

  • joy thurston

    one can pass a hundred faces on the street everyday and not ever know the amazing stories each one has to tell. these small vignettes awaken the human spirit and keeps one wanting more ………. bravo michael!

  • Owen Williams

    Each of us has a story. Each of us has a choice to face the pain and grow up, making ourselves into better men. Thanks for being better men.

  • Dayle

    Emanuel is beautifully expressive – his words and manner are heartfelt, and so very human – double thumbs up, Michael & Co.

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