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Episode 7 "Two Spirit People"

April 29th, 2010 · 9 Comments · Episodes

In “Two Spirit People”, the seventh episode of the webisode series “That Show With Mike Rakosi”, the men talk about issues dealing with their sexuality, what they have been taught, and what they actually believe. What is it like to tell your Mormon family you are gay? Get inspired with the YouTube sensation “That Show With Michael Rakosi”, real talk with real men.

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  • Bill Tannen

    Good show. Contrast between the Mormon and Native American was quite good–“We’re all the same!”

  • David Sommers

    In my opinion this may be the most powerful and important episode yet. Then again Episodes 1-6 were also the best yet. Thank you.

  • Joe Geha

    Powerful, insightful witnessing of what it’s like for so many.

  • Sona Markosyan

    This is the best show…..I am very proud of you

  • elissa

    In the eyes of a universal power…….sexuality is not hetero, homo, bi……….it just is ………what is important is nonjudgement an a world of coexisting……..mmn

  • Jane from the Gym

    Maybe the prophet meant that the sexual abuse of children is a sin akin to murder -and that I would agree with.

    But love where every one finds it is akin to God. And any act if hallowed leads to God and not away from God. “Two spirit people” is a wonderful expression. The soul is androgynous – it contains both male and female aspects or we could not manifest as male and female.

    It took enormous courage to follow your heart. Well done.
    Another good show.

  • Christopher Borg

    Thanks, Jane – it is great to hear these comments. I’m happy to say that I survived that experience long long ago and was able to move forward in my life and learn more about myself and love. I agree with you “Two spirit people” is a great way to express something complex and profound about the human condition.

  • Dave Cremin

    This is by far the best show. Give you a broad cross section and shows you that we are all equal. Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  • Jerry Sullivan

    this is really good stuff.

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